PurSteam Fabric Steamer Review: A Close Look at Features, Pros & Cons

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You’ve probably seen those kinds of people who always seem like they have just come out of a magazine. Their clothes are fresh-looking, clean and free of any wrinkles. They look like they are very principled and striving to give their best in everything they do. If you are that kind of person who always wants to stand out with how you dress, then you will fall in love with the PurSteam Fabric Steamer, Fast-Heat Aluminum Heating Element with Travel Pouch.

In this review post, we will be providing you with detailed information about this product.

Product Description

Superior components-Other may have a similar appearance on the outside but this product’s aluminum heating ball is far much superior to any other heating element provided by other products. This is the only travel fabric steamer with BPA free ABS/PP.

Technology leader-This product comes with the newest channeling design that ensures even delivery steam and it is more powerful to get rid of tough wrinkles from many fabrics in clothing, drapery and much more

Wrinkle buster-It is a powerful handheld fabric steamer you can find in the market today. It heats up in only 90 seconds and de-wrinkles and smoothes any garment easily and quickly including bedding, tablecloths, and upholstery. This includes travel bags for you to pack easily

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Gentle on fabrics-It is not only safe to use but also gentle on delicate fabrics. You can use it on linen, satin, embroidery, nylon blends, beads, cotton, wool and more.

Satisfaction guarantee-The manufacturer offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee because they are confident in the quality of their product. It also has a 3-year warranty.

Product features

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Size: 6.88 by 3.66 by 8.45 inches
  • Holds 7 ounces of water which gives you 5 to 7 minutes of continuous steam

You will wonder how you survived without this steamer

This deluxe steamer is a complete game changer for anyone’s life. This is because you will feel good when you look good. When your clothes look wrinkle-free, sharp and new, you feel great. People will notice you and admire the fact that you took time make yourself look good. The extra effort that you put in towards steaming your clothes quickly plays a big role towards impressing others

Steam, love and peace

These words were used to describe this product by one of our users. Many customers have said how relaxing and fun steaming can be when using this deluxe steamer. Taking time to steam your clothes in the morning can be surprisingly meaningful and therapeutic. When you start the day off on the right foot, you will be able to set the correct tone for a great day to start.

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What exotic places will this steamer take you?

One of the most interesting topics to hear about is the exciting venture and trips this steamer has accompanied people on. When you check the comments sections on Amazon, you will see some users saying packing their steamer is as important as bringing their deodorant.

This product comes with a travel bag which makes it efficient and easy to take it anywhere you go

It could be one’s right-of-passage to adulthood

Nothing shows you have become an adult like streaming your clothes for yourself for the first time. Gone are the days of wearing wrinkled dirty shirts and looking sharp is a new reality. First impression is always the lasting impression and people will judge you depending on your dress. The day you steam your shirt using this steamer is the day you will feel you have arrived. Don’t forget to document it for posterity.

Do you want to impress your boss?

Do you want to walk into your office feeling like the boss? It goes without saying that nothing says capable, professional and confidence like wearing freshly steamed clothes to perfection. When you take time to steam your clothes before going to work, you can be sure that you will feel amazing. Whether you have a presentation, job interview, date or you simply want to have a good day, you will want to use PurSteam Fabric Steamer, Fast-Heat Aluminum Heating Element with Travel Pouch before leaving. You will thank the manufacturer later.

Should I buy PurSteam Fabric Steamer?

The answer to this simple question is yes. Aside from using the product yourself to remove wrinkles from your shirt, it can also be used as:

The perfect gift idea

There are many you can buy gifts for-family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the list goes on and on. It goes without saying that gift cards go a long way but it is sometimes good to go an extra mine to say “I thought about buying you something that you might like and that’s the main reason I got you this gift.” This product is a gift that will surely delight and dazzle that special someone in your life

Mom’s best friend

Busy moms will love how easy and fast this steamer gets stubborn wrinkles out of clothing. The product is gentle to work on all types of fabric and clothing, including curtains, bedding and cloths. You don’t need ironing boards when using this portable steamer. In addition, it makes it easy to get wrinkles out of colored clothes


PurSteam Fabric Steamer, Fast-Heat Aluminum Heating Element with Travel Pouch is a reliable steamer with the ability to remove all wrinkles in all types of fabric. It holds 6 ounces of water which gives you 5 to 7 minutes of continuous steam. It is also the best gift you can get for your loved ones.

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Product Reviews by Users:
PurSteam Fabric Steamer Review: A Close Look at Features, Pros & Cons
5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews

3 Reviews

  1. Levy Cook says:

    There are so many words UI can use to describe this steamer. It actually deserves 10 stars, not just for the steamer but also because of the fact that the seller sends a follow-up email about the steamer. This is just amazing.
    I have been using steamers for some time now and I would say that nothing compares to this one. I use it on tough clothes and I would say that the results are amazing.

  2. I love using steamers and I would say that for a very long time, I have known the benefits of using steamers. But I didn’t know that I would ever come to use such a wonderful steamer. This product exceeded my expectations
    A friend of mine had recommended it to me and I decided to give it a try. I thank God that this product did not disappoint. I use it every day and it’s just incredible.

  3. Anderson Cooper says:

    I use this steamer everyday and I would say that it works wonders. I’m an office guy, so I want my shirt and trouser looking nice all the time. I had not known about this steamer until my brother recommended it to me

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