Pearl Mantels 495-72-70 Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf Review: Why You Should Buy It

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Mantel was traditionally considered to be to be a ledge or shelf positioned above the fireplace to display special items. Today, the mantel is typically attached to the surrounding or basically the material that covers the wall around the fireplace. The mantel has many benefits.

The mantel offers protection to the wall when using the fireplace. Most geographical areas have specifications regarding the measurements for this piece in order to meet the safety guidelines. So, the mantel provides protection from smoke and heat to the interior of your home.

The look of the mantel and surrounding plays a very big role in the look of the whole room, of course depending on the style you select. The good thing about simple styles like Pearl Mantels 495-72-70 Auburn Arched 72-Inch Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf is that they blend in with décor. Different color and materials options extend the options available to choose from.

The mental may also serve as a place where you can display your most prized possessions, such as vases, trophies, and knickknacks. You can change the décor of your mantel to fit with special season or holiday, but with this Pearl mantel, it will fit every occasion

Product description

  • Measures 15 inches in height
  • Measures 72 inches in length
  • Measures 10 inches in depth
  • Weights 69lb
  • Interior surrounding width s 52.5 inches
  • Interior surrounding width s 31 inches
  • The mantel is constructed from wood
  • It is made from wood veneers and beautiful Asian hardwood
  • You can use it in any room and not just for the hearth
  • Comes with mitered hanger board for easy installation
  • A 12step finishing process helps to bring out the beauty, depth, and luster of the natural wood

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Product features

It is the first piece of furniture you will find in any home. There is nothing as welcoming and warm as lighting a fire in an open fireplace. The flames can not only lift your spirit but also relieve the stress you have after a tough day.

However, if you really want to be a part of a home, your fireplace must be able to warm your heart even when you’ve not started a fire. Pearl doesn’t treat mantel as a molding or trim, but as an attractive piece of furniture that is the point of interest for the whole room. It represents tradition, heritage, and roots.

Precious treasures can be displayed on it and furniture arranged around it. It also provides stability and balance to the whole room. Pearl mantel features stunning details, fine furniture quality and classic designs that will certainly enhance your décor. The manufacturer has also made Auburn shelf to please. The shelf comes in three separate designs components made of the arch, a pair of corbels and a shelf.

You can install just the shelf, the corbels and the shelf or a combination of the shelf, arch, and corbels. Whether your design taste is traditional, classic or clean, the Auburn has everything covered. Handcrafted from veneers and Asian woods, Pearl Mantels 495-72-70 Auburn Arched 72-Inch Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf comes in an attractive distressed cherry finish.

Find a pearl inlay that beautifies the right-hand side of the shelf to serve as proof that you’ve received a genuine Pearl Mantel. It is available as unfinished, stain and paint grade.

A beautiful mantel for your fireplace

The fireplace is the point of focus of any room and it goes without saying that the best way to showcase your fireplace is with a genuine Pearl Mantel or shelf. You can use the shelf over the hearth of décor or candles, as a headboard to display thing you treasure in your bedroom or showcase your delicious cookware and foods in the kitchen.

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Elevates your style

Depending on your individual taste, a traditional room can either be formal or casual. A full-size mantel or pearls mantel fireplace shelf is a fail-proof away to add beauty, style, and function to a room. The manufacturer has developed their traditional collection to include a number of stylistic details so that customers can find one that is perfect for their homes.

Create an outstanding look

Using modern accents in a traditional room or using modern traditional elements in a modern room is a technique that expert designers use to create eclectic spaces. Pairing a modern fireplace with a Pearl Mantels traditional shelf is a fantastic way of creating eclectic interest. Pearl Mantels 495-72-70 Auburn Arched 72-Inch Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf is very easy to install and can last for so many years.

Real inlaid pearl

Every material has a certificate of authenticity and also a signature inlaid pearl as proof that it is an original piece. The product has all the details you care about like hand carving, beautiful finishes and a number of styles to complement your décor

Quality materials

Excellent design and high-quality material is the foundation of a beautiful shelf or mental. The manufacturer makes its products from hand-selected woods such as oak and pin, solid live Edgar cedar and solid reclaimed heart pine


Pearl Mantels 495-72-70 Auburn Arched 72-Inch Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf is an amazing mantel that you can get for your fireplace. They are not only beautiful but last for many years. This is the perfect mantel you can get to match any décor you may have in your home. It is also made from high-quality materials and crafted by hand. When you buy this fireplace mantel, you will realize is that it is the best mantel you need in your home

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Product Reviews by Users:
Pearl Mantels 495-72-70 Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf Review: Why You Should Buy It
5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews

3 Reviews

  1. Pamela Goodison says:

    I found the quality of this mantel to be very nice. Actually, I didn’t know that this item would look really great in my fireplace until I installed it. It looks really nice and most of my visitors have noticed it, saying it is indeed an amazing piece of art to have in my house.
    This is an amazing item that you can buy for your house-first it is easy to install and it is also affordable

  2. I would like to say that this is a wonderful item to have in a house. At first, I thought there would be issues with shipping-may be it would get damaged or something. But I was surprised to find that it arrive just fine. It had not scratched and most important thing is that installing it was easy.

  3. Brian Anderson says:

    What I loved bout this product is the quality of the materials. It is made from real wood, unlike many mantels which are made from other materials. Another thing is that it is easy to assemble.
    I would highly recommend using mantel for anyone who is looking for a mantel that looks greats and is easy to install

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