Music Sync RGB LED Strip Lights 16.4ft/5M Review: Get the Lights Dancing With the Music

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When it comes to making lights dance with music, LED Strip Lights music sync offers a lot of creativity. A few things that we should point out is that based on the set up of this product, the light will flash to the bass line of your music In our today’s review, we will be looking at this music sync LED strip light in depth, focusing on features, description, pros, and cons.

Product features

LED lights sync to the music-The LED strip lights change color and sync to the music. The color of the lights change depending on the genre of the music and also changes to the melody and rhythm of the music. You don’t need to connect these lights to download apps or Bluetooth. These lights suit any type of music, including relaxing tunes, dance music or slow music.

Multi-color mode-These LED strip lights 16 colors that look like a rainbow, 3 dynamic modes, and 11 brightness levels: flash, fade and static, along with music mode. The RGB LED strip lights remote controller has twenty buttons for different color that can make the light fade or flash and change the brightness

Safe to use-These RGB LED strip lights operate at a voltage of 12V and come with short circuit protection as well as memory function. They are also safe for children, extremely low-heat, waterproof and touchable. The LED lights also come with 10 buckles and adhesive tape on the back for easy and safe installation

Linkable and cuttable-These LED strip lights also easy to cut. Users can also separate the 3 LED lights with scissors along the cutting marks causing any damages to the strip. You need connectors to link the strips together after you have cut them. One thing you should note is that when connecting the lights to the control box place the arrows on the same line. Or else, the LED lights won’t work

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Flexible operations-The LED strip lights are also flexible. Because of the adhesive tape on the back of the strips, the LED lights can simply be attached to any surface. They can also be installed in continuous rows or angled pattern. And if the customer is not happy with the product, there is a money return or free replacement.

Music-syncing light strips

Music sync LED strip lights are different from common strips in the sense that they sync music and illuminate light. The LED music lights create just the perfect effect of changing color with the rhythm of the music

You don’t need to connect to Bluetooth or download apps because the lights easily adapt to the music being played like how a chameleon adapts to the surrounding color

The LED strips lights can also fit any event, including dance parties, birthdays, pool parties, karaoke, school parties, holidays and other events

Dim your lights and turn on the music to begin your own party. This is a very interesting product that will surely transform any regular parting into a memorable event

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Multi-color effect

LED strip lights are suitable for a number of indoor decorations to create a romantic, classy, elegant and any other atmosphere that you want. The brightness, colors, and modes can be regulated easily with the help if a remote control. These strips lights will make your life brighter with their color.

  • 300 LEDs
  • One music activated mode
  • Three dynamic modes: Flash, Fade, and Static
  • 11 brightness levels
  • 16 colors: white/red/blue/green

Premium quality LED music light strips

With an input voltage of 12V, the LED strip lights are extremely safe and low heat. In addition, you can easily cut off every three leads without damaging the whole LED strip light. With the 10 buckles and 3M adhesive tapes that come with the product, you can safely secure the strip on the surface.

These LED strip lights also have IP65 water protection. You should, however, note that only the LED lights are water proof-the power adapter and remote control aren’t.

Create any shape

These LED strip lights are flexible and you can curve them into any shape you want whether it is oval or square or something creative like a five-pointed star or Olympic rings. You can create the shape of a heart or place them under your dining table to enjoy a candlelight dinner without including candle.

In short, there are no limitations when it comes to using the RGB LED light strips-use your imagination to make your own shapes LED string lights

Wide applications

RGB LED strip lights can use used in clubs, shopping malls, hotels, weddings, exhibition shows and so on. The light is also suitable for lighting in garages, living rooms, patios etc.

The LED lights allow you to decorate anything you want, whether it is a car, bedroom, computer desk or room. These strips are an incredible addition to your holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and so on.


RGB LED strip lights are a wonderful product for people are looking for light strips that will dance to your favorite music. The lights only operate on 12 volts and it is resistant to water. This means that you can place them outside and still they will function just well. In addition, they can be used for many purposes, including parties and even events such as birthdays and New Year. It is the perfect LED strip light that you can buy if you are looking for a strip light that will go with the rhythm of your music.

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Product Reviews by Users:
Music Sync RGB LED Strip Lights 16.4ft/5M Review: Get the Lights Dancing With the Music
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3 Reviews

  1. Jacob Johnsons says:

    I had been looking for a special way to make my son’s birthday memorable and amazing and I never knew that these LED strip lights will help me achieve this goal. My son loved it and everyone did. The strip lights are bright and my wife said I should also buy the same lights when her birthday comes.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone who are looking for reliable strip lights

  2. Lindsey Michaels says:

    Amazing lights
    I used these LED strip lights to decorate my gift store and I would say that my customers love it. When kids come to my store, they are mesmerized and actually I have noticed an increase in number of people coming to my store because it looks good. The lights attract them and some have even asked me where they can buy these lights.
    These are indeed amazing lights. I would buy them again and again

  3. Steve Garner says:

    I love these lights. They not only have great quality but they are also easy to set up. I have put one of these lights around my TV and another one in my kitchen and the kids just love it.

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