Microwave Plate Cover Review: Prevents Messy Spatters In When Using the Microwave

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Microwave Plate Cover with Hover Magnetic Suction Function and Steam Vent is a clear, transparent cover that can be used to cover virtually any bowl, platter, dish or plate in almost any microwave. It is usually attached the top of the microwave with 4 safe microwave-safe magnets and you only need to pull it down when you need it.

When you use a microwave cover plate, you will no longer need to scrub or scrap goo, sauce or any other random splatter out of the microwave after cooking multiple meals.

How it works

The microwave plate cover comes with magnets that keep the cover hanging securely from the roof of the microwave until you need it. When using it, the built-in steam vents makes it possible for steam to come out from underneath as your food cooks, while ensuring that messy spatters are kept in. That means that you will be able to cook any dish without worrying about the sogginess or making a mess that that often results from contained steam.

Product features

Convenient-This microwave covers offer anti-splash which not only ensures that your microwave remains clean but also prevents food from splattering when cooking

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Safety-It is made of food-grade PP material, FDA-certified, and BPA-free. It is safe to heat up to 150℃ (300℉).

Suitable size-It is easy to use and keeps the microwave oven clean. It has a handy design to help you save your space and the magnet sticks the top of the microwave. It is 11.3 inches, which means that it easily fits most plates, platters, and bowls

Clear and transparent-This cover is also clear and transparent. That means that you can stop your microwave for a second and see how your food is cooking without removing the microwave plate cover

Four feet-This cover also has four feet that will help it to stand securely while covering large platters, dishes or plates

Remains cool to touch-This cover will always remain cool to touch regardless of how long you have been heating it. That means that you will not burn you when you touch it. This makes it the right cover for children who are new to microwave use

Non-stick surface-Aside from staying cool, each surface of the cover is of the non-stick variety; therefore, no gooey food will cling on to it. If the cover is not too dirty after using it once, you only need to wipe it clean or rinse it and any food stuck on it will come off.

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Dishwasher-safe-When the cover needs extensive cleaning that a rinse-off or wipe, you can safely use a dishwasher provided it is on the top rack


  • For this microwave plate cover to work, it needs the microwave oven to be completely flat at the top, and it should be stainless steel
  • Don’t use it more than 10 minutes in the microwave

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Product description

Brand name: ZFITEI

The microwave plate cover will be upgraded, so stay tuned

The maximum working temperature for the cover is 150℃ (300℉)

Only buy from a designated authorized dealer. It is sold by ZFITE&KEJI and fulfilled by Amazon

It is made is microwave safe, PBA-free and food safe.

The steam vents prevent food particles from splattering all over. It fits most bowls, dishes and plates


It measures 11.5 by 11.5 by 3.34 inches

Weight: 0.35 lb


  • Fits perfectly in most microwaves

Most microwaves have a width larger than 11.5 inches, and this microwave cover being 11.5 inches in diameter means that you will not experience any problem fitting it in most microwaves. That means that you can bring your microwave cover to a hotel or anywhere you go as won’t experience any problems in fitting it in any microwave

  • Ideal for people on the go

As a busy person, you don’t want to spend time cleaning food splatters from the ceiling and walls of your microwave after heating a snack. Therefore, this microwave plate cover is ideal for people who are always on the go. Splatters are contained in the cover and if you don’t have time, you can eat your food and wash the plate cover later.


  • The top of the microwave (on the inside) must be completely flat and stainless steel for the cover to work
  • You cannot use it to cook foods that require more than 10 minutes cooking



Most microwave safe dishes are sold with lids and it’s logical to use them to cover your food as you heat it. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect lid quickly especially when you have a messy kitchen. In addition, most flat plates are not sold with lids.

Paper towel or plastic wrap

Some people may decide to use a paper towel or plastic wrap to cover their food as it heats in the microwave; however, it can get stuck to your food. If this happens, you could end up ingesting plastic or paper.

Upside-down plate

Another way to cover a plate, dish or bowl is by using an upside down plate on top of it; however, this may trap steam which may make your food soggy


This is a convenient and the best microwave plate cover that you can use to cover your food as it heats in the microwave. It is easy to clean and can be used in any microwave.

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Product Reviews by Users:
Microwave Plate Cover Review: Prevents Messy Spatters In When Using the Microwave
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3 Reviews

  1. Eunice Martial says:

    What a wonderful microwave plate to have. I didn’t know I could find such a microwave plate that will prevent spatters when heating food on my microwave but I finally did. I love using the microwave. In fact, most of the time I’m heating food on the microwave for my kids and this microwave plate has just made it easy for me. There are not more spatters when heating food

  2. Martha Brian says:

    This microwave cover plate comes with strong magnets which stick to the top of the microwave as you check your food. Another thing I love about the microwave plate is that it has ventilation where moisture can escape as you heat your food. That means that you can heat for long hours without the fear of an explosion.
    I would highly recommend this microwave plate

  3. Pauline Mark says:

    This is a wonderful product as it allows me to heat my food on the microwave with anywhere to it causing a mess in the microwave. I use it every day and I would like to say that it is indeed a great product for people who love using the microwave

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