A Complete Review of Engraved Stone Address Plaque

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Address plaques are a very important part of the exterior décor or any business or home. They are meant to label a building with its address, but it can also include the stress name the building is on. They can be ornate or simplistic.

The address plaques are also large enough to be seen clearly from the street. They can also be used in business premises to section off parts into different offices or suites for the sake of visitors to navigate stairs, floors and elevators with ease.

In our today’s review, we will be looking at the engraved stone address plaque. This address plaque is not only attractive but also durable. It is available in black granite with silver lettering, black granite with gold lettering and light stone with black lettering. This amazing address plaque will withstand the harshest weather extremes. It is also made in the USA.

Product features

  • After purchasing this product, the manufacturer’s friendly, American based representatives will send you a design layout so that you can approve
  • It is available in three colors: black granite with silver lettering, black granite with gold lettering and light stone with black lettering
  • It is also easy to personalize. Customers are contacted within 24 hours of purchase to get your desired address
  • There are also two fonts available: ‘futura’ and ‘trajan’.
  • Your home number or address will be deep-carved into the stand and then painted
  • It is made in the United States of America
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Mounting instructions and hardware included
  • Comes with mounting pin colors that match print colors
  • Hand-made engraved address plaque
  • The black stone is made from granite

Product description

These stones address plaques are made from high-quality materials. The sign is usually deep etched into the stone and all house numbers are usually handmade with the best craftsmanship and then inspected thoroughly for any defects

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The signs offer simplistic beauty and are known to be high quality in the industry. Aside from that, they are very unique. They are durable and the house numbers are easy to read.  The custom address markers are an amazing idea for home improvement and patio décor.

You can use creative design signage as functional decoration in your yard. In addition, these plaques are an amazing housewarming gift. They can be used as a general sign.

They can also be customized to display any message you want. You can use them to display your street name and address or display your street address without your street. This allows you to display larger address numbers.


Dimensions: 12” H X 12” W x 0.375”D

Weight: 6 lbs


Black granite with gold lettering

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Light stone with black lettering

Two fonts available: Trajan or Futura


Line 1: can fit up to three 5” NUMBERS

Line 2: Can fit up to thirteen characters

Line 3: Can fit up to thirteen characters


Line 1: Can fit up to four 4” NUMBERS

Line 2: Can fit up to thirteen characters

Line 3: Can fit up to thirteen characters


Line 1: Can fit up to five 3.25” NUMBERS

Line 2: Can fit up to thirteen characters

Line 3: Can fit up to thirteen characters


Line 1: Can fit up to six 2.75” NUMBERS

Line 2: Can fit up to thirteen characters

Line 3: Can fit up to thirteen characters

NOTE: Line 2 and line 3 are optional. If one of these line numbers is ordered, then the number height will be similar to the one above. The letter heights for line 2 and line 3 depend on the number of letters. The text is usually centered.


  • Available in two fonts: Futura and Trajan
  • Made of high-quality material
  • At five pounds, these engraved stone address plaques are lightweight
  • Has a thickness of 0.37 inches
  • It can easily be personalized
  • You will be contacted by a representative from Clarus Crystal within 24 hours of making an order to ensure that the personalized settings are correct
  • Provide optimal contrast during the day and at night
  • The engravings are made a quarter an inch into the stone
  • It is also painted


  • The light stone color often runs out of stock more when compared to the black stone

Who are engraved stone address plaques for?

Address plaques are designed for homeowners and business owners. Address bars designed for homeowners usually display house number and probably the name of the street. They are very important in helping people to locate a home when visiting friends or family, especially when they making the first-time trip.

They also make it easy to find a house for package and mail delivery services. For those who are in need of emergency service, these engraved address signs are an important way of making homeowners in need to be found easily. Many homeowners look for high quality and long-lasting adress plaques. This is very important considering the fact that most homeowners place th address plaques outside.

Businesses can also take advantage of engraved stones address plaques for the same reason. Businesses often use address plaques designed to match the décor of the building or the reason why the business was founded.

Should I buy Engraved Stone Address Plaque?

Engraved Stone Address Plaque is durable and visible enough for anyone the read what’s written on it even they are far. They are lightweight and available in two fonts: future and Trajan. Most importantly, Clarus Crystal usually contacts those who have placed an order just to ensure that the details they want to be engraved on the stone are clear

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Product Reviews by Users:
A Complete Review of Engraved Stone Address Plaque
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3 Reviews

  1. Martial Hill says:

    These people are amazing. I purchase two plaques from them and I just loved the fact they had to follow up and asked me to clarify the details that I want engraved on the stone. And when the address plaque arrived, I was just amazed at how it looked. It was beautiful and it is visible even when you are on the streets whether it is day or night.
    I also found it to be affordable enough, so I can buy more than one plaques for my home

  2. Phyllis Howard says:

    This is a classy and well-crafted plaque. I mounted this plaque on a large stone pillar by my gate. Mounting was done via two metal pins in the back. In addition, the company was very friendly and they even sent proof of what the finished product would look like with our information on it. It only took a short time to complete it and the stone itself is quite thick.

  3. Angeline Shane says:

    This is an amazing purchase. It is stunning and really attractive because it is an actual stone. In addition, the engraving is perfect and looks natural. In addition, it is easy to mount this particular plaque

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