33 ft LED String Lights with 100 LEDs Review: Waterproof Decorative Lights from TaoTronics

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The LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs can be used for Christmass, Saint Valentine Day, Weddings, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Parties, etc. It is also ideal for porch, ceiling, lawn, floor, gate, door, window, wall, door, etc.

Product features

LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs are sold by a popular seller of LED string lights on Amazon, with more than 5M satisfied customers and increasing. The product comes with 12 months warranty plus 6-month extension after registration.

Energy efficient and cost effective-These LED string lights don’t overheat even after many hours of usage. They don’t feel warm to touch even after 15 hours of usage. You should, however, note that the LED string light could not be connected together or extended

Waterproof Power adapter-The adapter has a low profile which makes it easy to hide it away. The UL certification guarantees its safety. The copper wires are also waterproof; therefore, you can confidently use it in the rain

The 2700-2900K white-yellow Mini Led light are bright and illuminate dark corners and create a romantic sentiment. The décor light is just perfect for spicing up your decoration and also adds a welcome feeling to your party

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The high quality copper wire is thin, flexible and coiled with paper tub; therefore, it will not make a mess and it’s also easy to store for next use. In addition, the copper wire lights can be easily bent and shaped around signs, furniture, plants and almost anything.

Product description

SunvalleyTek is SOLE Tao Tronic brand seller. You should note that products that only products that are purchased from SunvalleyTek are under the TaoTonics warranty. When you buy these LED lights, you will own a first-rate product with first-rate package, in addition to after-sale service. If you are unfortunate to buy a fake TaoTronic product from an unauthorized seller, please contact the seller for warranty or return.

It will also probably mean that you will have to bear with inferior packaging and quality, more than fifteen days slow delivery from China and poor after-sale

With this product, you will be able to create a magical lighting experience for your business, party or home. Birthday parties, New Year’s and Christmas will glow with experience when you use these flexible and bendable lights to your décor. You can wrap these lights around patio furniture or plants in your garden, or even behind and around artwork in your home.

You can also decorate your cubicle at work or use them to impress people who visit your restaurant or shop. Made from high-quality copper, the LED lights are designed to be used both outdoors and indoors without any problems. 33 ft of lighting wire with 100 LEDs and a 5ft adapter makes the starlight more pleasant to the eyes and less intense

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TaoTronics are very proud of their products. These LED lights come with a 12-month warranty which is a good thing as it shows the company is confident in their products

NOTE: Don’t apply too much force or bend the same spot repetitively

Product specifications

  • An output of 4.5V, 5.5W
  • String light an waterproof power adapter
  • 33 ft of lighting wire with 100 LEDs plus 5 ft adapter cord
  • An input of 120V-60Hz, 0.12A
  • RoHS and CE certified power adapter

Outdoor LED lighting strings

These LED string lights are stylish, cute, tiny and easily hidden. A significant number of people think of LED string lights that are cheap, bulky, tacky and conspicuous. LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs are small in size, cute, and delicate but durable. They are also functional and durable. The lightweight copper wire has millet-sized dots of LED bulbs that look nicer than ordinary white or green wires

When the LED lights are in Off mode, they look decorative and when you need them on, the 360° subtle signs are even softer and brighter than ordinary Christmas lights while the copper wire becomes unseen. As a matter of fact, these Led lights look like stars at night. Also, the brightness of the LED strings come in Champagne gold and creates an elegant, classy and romantic atmosphere

Clever storage and packaging

The LED lights are wound around a cardboard tube and then stored in a cylinder, convenient for storage and reuse so that you have a less stressful experience unraveling the lights

High quality, energy efficient and low heat

Imagine a set of LED string lights that don’t overheat and are lightweight. LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs provide an amazing solution to decorate outdoors and indoors

5.5W 0.12A power supply and the insulated paint copper wire keeps it cool to touch even after 14 hours of use. You don’t need batteries. Simply turn it on and sit back and relax. The lights will run all day and night without any problem. Even if one LED light breaks down, other lights will continue working

According to the United States Department of Energy, LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs are the brightest in the market, 75% more efficient and 25 times brighter than average

Unlimited creativity

The copper wires are easily moldable and flexible into any shape that you want. It can be easily wound around flowers, wine bottles, boat decks, windows, plants, furniture patio umbrellas, bars, etc. These are just but a few examples


LED String Lights 33 ft with 100 LEDs is the best lights that you can use to decorate your home, office or restaurant. The lights are water-resistant as well as energy efficient. They are the best lights you can get for decoration

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Product Reviews by Users:
33 ft LED String Lights with 100 LEDs Review: Waterproof Decorative Lights from TaoTronics
5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews

3 Reviews

  1. Angela Hen says:

    What I loved about these lights is that they are easy to work with. The cooper wire that connects each light is flexible enough to bend around objects and it is also sturdy enough. I have been using them to decorate décor for my daughter’s birthday and I would say that they are incredible
    I know that my daughter will love the decorations for her birthday and she will live to remember her 8th birthday as one of the most decorative one

  2. Ellani Brian says:

    I used these particular lights to decorate our Christmas tree in place of Christmas lights with bulbs and they were perfect for our staircases. I loved the brightness and my kids have said that this is the perfect light they ever needed to make their Christmas beautiful and happy.

  3. Kelly Stables says:

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I ordered these lights from Amazon, but one thing I can tell you is that my expectations were exceeded. I never thought these lights were this cool. I loved the fact that the copper wires were easy to bend and the lights were bright

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